Satin and Havana Rabbits for Sale

We strive to raise show quality Satin and Havana rabbits and sell a few at times for show, pet, or meat. Our kids show these breeds and absolutely love it!

According to the American Satin Rabbit Breeders Association

Satins and Mini Satins, affectionately known as "Team Sheen" are argueably two of the most beautiful breeds to be found in "rabbitdom". Their unique fur structure gives both breeds an eye-catching sheen reminiscent of fine satin. Satins - the larger of the two breeds first appeared as a mutation in a litter of Havanas owned by Walter Huey of Pendelton, Indiana in 1934. Before this mutation appeared, the rabbit world had seen nothing like it! Mr. Huey, sent some of these animals to Harvard University, where geneticists determined that this new mutation was a simple recessive gene for the shine and texture of the coat due to transparency of the cuticle of the hair shaft. When Mr. Huey showed these Havanas with the brilliant sheen against the normal Havanas, a storm of protest ensued, therefore the rabbits were given the name of 'Satin Havanas', and initially were recognized by the National Havana Club. In 1942 the American Federation of Havana Breeders voted to sponsor the Satin breed in the various colors. By 1939, Satin colors could be found in: Brown, Black, Blue, White, and Orange. In 1946, another club was organized for the breed - the American Satin Rabbit Breeders Association with two colors recognized - Ruby-eyed White and Chinchillas. Oddly there were two different sets of points for the two varieties, as the emphasis on type was placed on the Whites, which were developed from New Zealand Whites, and on color for the Chinchilla variety. In 1956, eight varieties were recognized for the breed. Siamese Satins, were accepted in 1965 and in this same year one standard set of points were written for all the varieties. Broken Satins were finally recognized in 1985, which gave a huge boost to the breed and Otter Satins, were recognized in 2001, bringing us to the 11 accepted Satin varieties we have today.

According to USA Rabbit Breeders

It’s no wonder that Havanas are often honored with the Best in Show award at local, state, and even national levels.  There’s nothing particularly flashy about this breed, such as might grab a pet owner’s attention, but to the trained eye of a judge, a top notch Havana is simply breathtaking.  The body type is incredibly short and deep, approaching a “half basketball” shape when viewed from the side.  When viewed from the top, the hindquarters evenly taper to the shoulders.  Ideally there should be no flat or narrow spots in the body type, no squared hips, no pinched hindquarters.  The head and ears are of medium length and balance with the body.  Although type is important, the coat and color are to be given strong consideration as well.  Havanas have flybacks – fur that returns very quickly to its usual position when the rabbit is stroked from tail to head.  Havanas do not have a Satin sheen, but their fur does carry an unusually high luster.  There are currently four recognized colors: black, blue, chocolate, and broken.  The solid colors are all of a dark, rich shade.